Wednesday, December 9, 2009


JACK finished the 2009 college season on a high note going 14-4 in the last 4 weeks and finishing with +46 stars for the season. If you wagered $50 per star you would have shown a profit of $1,905 after the juice for the regular season. Watch for JACKS COLLEGE BOWL SPECIALS starting DECEMBER 17th. Also don't forget there are still 4 weeks remaining in the NFL regular season. JACK now stands at +17 stars after going 13-5 the last 4 weeks. JACK will also be putting out his PRO PLAYOFF PICKS. So we still have plenty of action left and JACK will be on top of everything. This is the home stretch and JACK will not let up....
$$$$$$$$$$ JACK BURNS $$$$$$$$$$