We are a group of three long time gamblers
Charlie, Jack, Benny
We have been around for a long time and have seen it all
The three of us have been betting on sports for at least 40 years each
Each one specializes in a different sport.
Basketball, Baseball, Football.

We have tried different methods to reach a goal of not losing.
By not losing, I don't mean winning every day. No one wins everyday.
After years of losing, we have got to the point that we don't lose anymore, over-all.
By using proven systems, we have been winners in the three sports for over 15 years.
There have been times when we have had disagreements on the way some of the systems should work and when there should be a change in the STAR value.

But in the end this has got us where we are today.
We all agree there has to be a systematic approach to betting.
Betting every play and having the proper bankroll is important.
We don't ever base our plays on our favorite teams or feelings.
(no matter what Jack says)
We don't ever base our plays on what is published in the media.

We all three bet on the picks that are on this site and no other.

If the bet amount is 10, that is the number of stars. If you are playing $5 a star, that would be $50 We recommend starting at .10 cents a star, that would be a dollar on a 10 star, until you see how playing a system works. It does take patience. This site is not for someone that is trying to get rich. It is for the player who wants to enjoy having something to pull for everyday without losing money. That does not mean we are trying to break even. Some seasons we make a lot of money and some we make a little. That should be enough for someone that doesn't want to lose. We will mostly make money on Baseball,Football and Basketball, every season.

Why do we make these picks available for everyone?
One day, we are sure we will not be allowed to bet anymore.
We would like to build up a group of people that has faith in what we are doing.
People who don't want to lose over the long run,
and some times make a lot of money.
When we get that group we will charge a small fee,
and I mean small.

We have found that in anything where there is a lot of money
to be made, things are not on the up and up like it should be.
Not saying that the games are fixed. But, there are formulas,
that are being used by those in charge, and when we know these formulas the world is ours.

We are close to having solved some of these.
If you have been following our picks,you will have noticed
that sometimes we lose all of them. That is because when they turn the formula around we get caught. It will then take us a couple of days to make adjustments.,
but we are getting better at learning their tricks.

There are plenty of sites out there that have picks, most charge a lot of money.
We have not found any that leave past picks up for you to
check back on, to see how they have done. Ever wonder why?
Have not found any that include the 10% or 20% that you
have to pay, when you lose in their STAR total.
We do both of those things and we don't charge a fee.

If you lose money it will be your own fault for not following
the rules
And we do appreciate Clara for keeping the web site up to
date with the picks.and results